Collectors Association

Collective is an Italian association of art collectors that operates nationwide and internationally to promote contemporary art, create opportunities for dialogue between collectors, curators, and museum directors, and to encourage integration with other cultural environments.

Collective is for anyone who wants to join a national and international network to share a passion, give visibility and value to collections through exhibitions and publications, develop collaborations with institutions, Italian and International associations, participate in exclusive events, and travels to discover new artistic scenarios, and developing projects such as artists' residencies hosted by private collections.

Collective aims to provide support to the collector in the various aspects of the development and management of a collection, offering services with attractive conditions thanks to agreements with selected partners, like, Opencare (Bastogi Group), Leonardo Assicurazioni.

Collective looks to the future and, with the help of its members, aims to encourage the birth of a new generation of collectors, to support the Italian art system in its various expressions, with an eye toward peripheral realities and research.

Collective comes from the idea of the collector Andrea Fustinoni, Managing Director of Grand Hotel Miramare in Santa Margherita Ligure, Silvia Anna Barrilà and Maria Adelaide Marchesoni, journalists specializing in the art market and collecting, and Nicola Zanella, cultural manager.

Executive Committee
Maria Adelaide Marchesoni (President)
Mauro De Iorio (Vice President)
Emilio Bordoli (Treasurer)
Andrea Boghi (Director)
Ivan Frioni (Councilor)
Vittorio Gaddi (Councilor)