Bolzano | Italy

Tisot Collection

Tommaso Tisot, lawyer

Emergent and established artists with a preference for sculpture and works with a strong material component. The collection of Tommaso Tisot, lawyer and president of the board of Professional Trust CompanyTommaso Tisot, lawyer and president of the board of the company Professional Trust Company that deals with patrimonial planning and trusts in the art world, has been collecting since 2014., favors large-scale works that require very large spaces to appreciate them, to live them.
The works by artists such as Petrit Halilaj, Athena Papadopoulos and Ibrahim Ahmed, always tell a story, they intertwine present and past, tradition and contemporary language. Only with this dimension it is possible to save the work from the fads of the moment. The historical, political and social themes are the most exciting ones: they allow to move the work from a personal, intimate, particular dimension to a more universal one.

Michal Martychowiec, Do you belive in art?, 2016

Alessandro Roma, Beliving in the uncontrollability of the nature, 2013

Evgeny Antufiev, Untitled, 2016

Chris Soal, The Quietest Acts, 2019

Petrit Halilaj, Abetare, 2015

Evgeny Antufiev, Untitled, 2012

Ibrahim Ahmed, Brick #10, 2016

Tommaso Tisot