Silvia Anna Barrilà

Bordoli Collection on show in Como

From 16 October, at the Teatro Sociale, paintings by eight international artists will be exhibited as part of a project to enhance the city's private collections.


Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

An architect who collects art

Massimo Adario, together with Dimitri Borri, collects works of art that concern space, light and materials.


Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

Julius Baer art collection

More than 5,000 works of contemporary art by Swiss artists on display at the bank's offices


Silvia Anna Barrilà

Keith Haring's collection

At auction at Sotheby's in September a series of works belonging to the great American artist and sold by the Foundation for charity


Silvia Anna Barrilà

Le Sirenuse Positano

In the historic hotel on the Amalfi coast, Antonio and Carla Sersale have started a contemporary art collection curated by Silka Rittson-Thomas


Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

La Fondation Carmignac

Created by collector Édouard Carmignac, the foundation in the Porquerolles Islands celebrates ten years of commitment to photojournalism this year.


Maria Adelaide Machesoni

Fondazione Dalle Nogare

In Bolzano art collector Antonio Dalle Nogare has opened his collection to the public in a contemporary building excavated in the stone


maria adelaide marchesoni

Rossini Art Site

Enterpreneur and patron Alberto Rossini has created a sculpture park in Northern Italy with works by the great protagonists of Italian postwar art


Silvia Anna Barrilà

At Anselm Reyle's home

Since 2017 the German artist has lived in a house on the Spree designed by his wife Tanja Lincke. Inside are works by the artists he admires alongside design pieces he has made himself


Silvia Anna Barrilà

Ingrid e Thomas Jochheim

The German couple exhibit their collection of Christo's works at the PalaisPopulaire in Berlin


Silvia Anna Barrilà

Nedko Solakov's art collection

An exhibition at Galleria Continua shows the artist's ideal collection in dialogue with his own works

Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

Julia Stoschek Collection

One of the world's leading video art collectors, the German Julia Stoschek, is digitizing her collection of over 860 works by 282 artists to make it available online, free of charge and without restrictions.


Silvia Anna Barrilà

Jack and Sandra Guthman Collection

Jack Guthman is a Chicago real estate lawyer. He and his wife Sandra have been collecting art for 50 years. Guthman is also Trustee of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Chairman of the Architecture Biennial.


Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

MACAAL, private museum in Marrakech

Art collector Othman Lazraq promotes modern and contemporary African art


Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

The De Iorio Collection at Civica di Trento

The exhibition dedicated to contemporary Italian figurative painting includes works by artists such as Andrea Fontanari, Thomas Braida and Margherita Manzelli


Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

Magazzino Italian Art

Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu support Italian art in the USA


Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

LGBTQ art in Patrick Sun's collection

According to the real estate entrepreneur, art can change society and promote the acceptance of gender diversity in Asia


Hannah Jacobi

Argo Factory in Teheran

Iranian collector Hamidreza Pejman transformed an old brewery in Tehran into a private museum. The first exhibition was a solo show of Nazgol Ansarinia.


Silvia Anna Barrila

Collecting in Miami

Over the past 20 years, collectors such as Rubell and Jorge M. Pérez have helped to change the face of Miami. Now they have inaugurated new large spaces for their collections.


Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

Seven Gravity Collection

Since 2013 seven Italian collectors have been buying works of video art as a group and have awarded the Visio Young Talent Acquisition Prize at the Lo Schermo dell'Arte festival in Florence


Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

The explosiveness of Loredana Longo

For 20 years the practice of the Sicilian artist has been characterized by the physical disintegration of fragile objects and in the explosion of the explosion: performances in which ceramic objects blow up


Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

Collecting books

The book as a collector's item. The brothers Gianni and Giuseppe Garrera from Rome talk about it in a double interview in which they reveal their trophies and regrets.